Ryan Lashlee San Diego Precious Metals Expert | Buying and Holding Silver as a Wealth-building Strategy


Ryan Lashlee San Diego Precious Metals Expert says “Accumulating wealth is an important concern for anyone responsible for his own support and existence as well as the support of another.”

Whether one is employed at a conventional 9 to 5 job or earns income as a self-employed worker, attention must still be paid to the question of sustainable support. This pertains to current living expenses as well as the costs of his long-term existence throughout his life.

One way of amassing wealth to provide a way of supporting an individual’s lifestyle is to invest in products which have the potential of maintaining value or increasing in value such that a subsequent sale would earn a profit on the goods or commodities.

“Investing in real silver, not just stock in silver, is the basis of a solid savings plan”, that according to Ryan Lashee San Diego Precious Metal Expert. His comment is based on an early 20th century position taken by then U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, who was advocating his own position on building the strength of speculative paper economics such as stocks several years prior to the financial collapse of the economy of the United States during the Great Depression. Lashlee reminds his followers that today’s economic players and investors have not experienced an economic meltdown of the magnitude of the Depression and the many years of economic recovery (known to today’s generation merely as the “New Deal” of history book fame) which held the early 20th Century hostage to unimaginable hard times until the unfortunate start and ensuing wartime spending of WWII.

Being able to shore up investment power through developing economic stability based on owning .999% pure silver, if not adopted wholeheartedly as a standard by a majority of the frequent participants in the daily workings of the US economy will make an economic standard based on silver and the economic momentum based on silver difficult to sustain.  Much of the world economy and world markets use the performance of the U.S. dollar as a standard by which they evaluate their performance and compare that performance to the world economy as a whole. Currently, the U.S. dollar is set up on a gold standard. That gold is no longer represented by physical gold held at Fort Knox, as it was in the early days, but it would require an enormous effort to switch standards to an uncertain silver standard without planning cautiously for the change.

As precarious as the US economy appears, this is not the time to make an abrupt shift.

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