Radio Jack Warren San Diego Business Radio Personality | the Digital Revolution and Giving Control to a Foreign Power


Radio Jack Warren San Diego Business Radio Personality says “The Internet is the greatest resource to reach large numbers of people.”

Many people believe that you have to be an expert in order to do talk radio. Of course it helps to be an expert, but it really is not necessary. What is important in talk radio is that you are able to carry on a conversation, speak your mind; articulate a point of view that other people find interesting or helpful.

Everyone has interesting stories. That may be the story of your life, testimonials of fact or simply voicing an opinion.

Jack gives a for instance, “I am a former air traffic controller. I have an opinion about the disappearance of flight 370 in Indonesia. My opinion is interesting because it comes from a different point of view. It comes from the point of view of someone who talks to pilots.”

People will listen to that conversation because they find it is viewing the situation from a unique Perspective. Everyone has those kinds of stories they simply do not get on a microphone and articulate.

In the days before the Internet a radio conversation was, for all practical purposes, over and gone as soon as it was aired. Today, because of the Digital Revolution, that conversation can be recorded to an mp3 format and repurposed to reach the speakers exact audience.

Whatever social media a person uses, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Or Google plus, that mp3 can be posted and played over and over again and can live for years.

We are all creatures of habit. We want things to stay the same. Unfortunately we’re living in a faster paced world. What we have experienced since the advent and consequent growth of the Internet is the Digital Revolution.

The digital revolution has even spread to the auto industry. They recently announced that AM and FM radio would now be an option rather than an automatic standard feature of new cars.

The Internet was conceived and developed within the United States. The controlling body of the Internet is ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the Internet’s global domain name system.)

There currently is discussion underway as to whether or not to control as to whether or not to turn control of the Internet over to International sources, possibly to the UN. The pro position is that it will allow ICANN to become a global organization without US oversight. The Con position is that it will permit censorship by foreign governments, allowing the possible blocking or erasure of any certain domain name.

Jack is not in favor of turning over the Internet to international forces because the results of that turnover are unknown. Jack says “Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our country and I believe it is a basic human right, not so with many other countries of the world. We have seen other countries shut down publishing, media and the internet or parts of it, such as Facebook or Google. They can shut down anything that does not agree with the government line. That certainly is not freedom of speech.”

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